Another multidisciplinary approach to therapy can be found in the state of the art multisensory theatres which have been awarded Advanced Accreditation Status by the National Autistic Society (NAS) UK.

These are specifically designed environments, enabling people with a disability to enjoy a very wide range of sensory experiences, be it therapeutic, recreational, educational or just fun. The concept is to create events, which focus on particular senses such as touch, vision, sound, smell, taste, and movement.

These theatres offer a unique service as part of Inspire’s diverse programmes for individuals with physical, intellectual, emotional or behavioural disabilities regardless of age. The Multisensory theatre may also be accessed by individuals who do not form part of any of Inspire’s programmes. A tailor-made programme implemented by an Occupational Therapist is also available. For more information about the above, including costs kindly contact Godwin Saliba on godwin.saliba@inspire.org.mt or call ( 356) 9930 4735.

Inspire takes this concept a step further by providing an environment to facilitate the development of cognitive and sensory skills in a structured and interactive manner. It gives people control, possibly for the first time in their lives. It enables people with any degree of disability to change and influence their environments in a positive way. The key feature of our multi-sensory theatres is that the clients carry out sessions in an environment free from the pressure to perform.


The running costs of the multi-sensory theatres are generously sponsored by Fundacion MAPFRE

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