Legacy Giving

There are thousands of individuals with diverse abilities who need your support. With Legacy Giving, you can creating a lasting impact on the lives of those we serve. By donating towards Inspire, you’re ensuring that your generosity continues to transform lives, whether through carving your impact, or supporting a space, or creating a legacy, your legacy giving provides crucial support to these individuals ensuring that you have the opportunity to leave behind your Impact.

Carve Your IMPACT

Donation Certificate
Social media Post
Name Engraved on the Wall of Sponsors

€500 – €10k

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Support a Space

Name / Company written in the space
Social Media Exposure
Donation Certificate
Telethon mention

€10k – €25k

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Leave a Legacy

Branding of your name/company on a plaque in the Marsascala Project
Social media Posts
Donation Certificate
Telethon Mention
Media Exposure


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