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Reaching out to support individuals with various disabilities from autism

to profound neurological and learning difficulties, behaviour that challenges and others.

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Each year, hundreds of children, teens and adults require help in their daily lives. Help us keep our services going.

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Inspire reaches out to individuals with various disabilities including autism, profound neurological and learning difficulties, behaviour that challenges and others, to support them and their families. We do this through many services and disability programs that are offered at a highly subsidised rate or sometimes even for free. We could never do this without voluntary giving and helping. There are various ways in which you can help that will enable us to continue to support so many people in need. Find out how and start making a real difference in someone’s life today.

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How Parents Can Nurture Play Skills in Children with Autism

The act of play is developmentally important for children. Interacting with their toys, their world, and their peers is how kids begin to develop critical thinking, empathy, motor skills, and the ability to communicate effectively. For children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, the development of play skills may happen differently, and may follow a different timetable.

Melita Foundation supports Inspire Foundation in project to enhance learning for service-users

The Melita Foundation has collaborated with the Inspire Foundation through a donation that exceeds €32,000 which will allow for the refurbishment and development of new classrooms which will support the provision of intervention to learners attending Inspire’s educational programmes. 80 children aged between 5 and 16 years olds will benefit from this project. Most of these children are on the autism spectrum, but all the children have behavioural challenges.

Free mobile application to assist autistic persons in coping with social situations 

A new mobile application, SOFA, aims at making life easier for persons on the autism spectrum and their relatives/caregivers.

The SOFA App (Stories Online for People with Autism) is a project created by the Inspire Foundation, the University of Bath (UK) and Epic. The mobile application, which is available free of charge, was developed by Deloitte Digital.

Fundacion MAPFRE sponsors therapeutic facility at Inspire Foundation

For the fourth consecutive year, Fundacion MAPFRE has partnered up with Inspire Foundation, through a generous donation that will allow specialised services for children and adults with a disability to continue. The sum of €53,000 has been contributed to cover the running costs of one of Inspire’s therapeutic facilities - the Multi-Sensory Rooms (MSR).

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