One of Inspire’s key supporters, Mapfre, recently held a number of informative sessions for their staff during sustainability week (June 8th to June 15th).   

Sustainability is based on a number of factors, be they environmental, social, or governmental. For a brighter future, we need to pay attention to all of these aspects because there are tight connections among them. People who try to fight for a better world tend to come together even if they deal with different areas of expertise. They support and amplify each other to make real tangible steps towards change.  

More and more people are recognising the need for change including people and companies who have a voice in the crowd and can really do something in this case. The goal is to strive for a peaceful world focused on global wellbeing, where everybody is accepted, living in harmony with humanity, nature and other creatures of the world. Not destroying but building bridges between people, communities and nature. That is why we talk about regenerative sustainability and how can we reach it.  

There are two very important things that we need for results: Diversity and Inclusion.  

More and more companies are emerging and striving to stand for sustainability, to provide a safe, healthy and inclusive work environment where everyone is accepted to be themselves and empowered to grow, avoiding any discrimination. They strengthen measures to enable participation by the right person in the right place, regardless of age, gender, race, religion, special needs, or other characteristics. Nobody should suffer the lack of opportunities because of these appearances. We need a world where every human is equal on this Earth. 

Inspire Foundation was invited to prepare an educational talks dealing with this topic.   Our Clinical Administration Manager, Adelaide Sammut Silva, delivered a talk focused around neurodiversity, and how to support staff who may have different needs.

This presentation helped to focus attention, and explain the importance of diversity and inclusion, giving practical information to help the Mapfre team to continue developing their skills in this area. Furthermore, Ms. Ines Silva, Chief Officer – Human Resources, Mapfre – Malta also encouraged the  people attending to spread this message and share information with their families and friends to continue growing the knowledge and the circle of inclusion.

We would like to extend our thanks to Mapfre for the opportunity to engage their employees, and for thinking of Inspire as the experts to raise awareness about this important topic.