Multisensory Therapy – Supported by Fundacion MAPFRE 

Did you know that Inspire Foundation operates three multi-sensory rooms, designed to support multisensory therapy? This therapeutic approach offers a unique service as part of Inspire’s diverse programmes for individuals with physical, intellectual, emotional or behavioural disabilities regardless of age, and it would not be possible without the generous support of Fundacion MAPFRE. 

Their financial contribution is vital to our mission and to continue our important work. We truly appreciate their interest in helping our organisation thrive. The ongoing generous support of Fundacion MAPFRE ensures that all of our learners have access to these rooms, designed to stimulate different sensory experience. We are honoured to partner with Fundacion MAPFRE, to help provide our clients with the best environment possible to thrive and achieve their goals.


The Multi Sensory Rooms  

The Multi Sensory Rooms (MSR) in Marsascala site have been in use for a good number of years, with great success, by the learners of Inspire’s Disability Programmes. The therapeutic benefits these rooms offer are specific but holistic at the same time and can be used by individuals of different ages and abilities and in different group settings or also on individual basis, depending on the specific needs of the individual and/or groups.  

The Multi Sensory Rooms have been beneficial on different sensorial levels such as increasing concentration and focusing attention of the individual, to develop or reactivate senses such as touch, sight, and hearing; improving on alertness, coordination and gross motor development; and promoting cognitive development.  

All of this could only happen with the direct and indirect intervention from the therapists who prepare sessions plans and guide other tutors, teachers and team leaders of the programmes on the best intervention for the beneficiaries, our service users with diverse disabilities. 

Investment in new Multi Sensory Rooms for Bulebel 

Following the successes achieved for our service users with the Multi Sensory Rooms (MSR) in Marsascala, last year we conducted a situational analysis on the programmes we conduct in our Bulebel facility and a gap was identified here. Since the MSR is only available in Marsascala, the service users in Bulebel cannot access this service on a daily basis. This is especially the case since the pandemic, when a number of protocols to minimise third-party contact were put into place to protect our vulnerable service users. 

This gap analysis established that the service users at Inspire’s Bulebel site would also greatly benefit from a Multi Sensory Room within their structured premises. For this reason, the idea was to replicate the concept in Marsascala by setting up 2 MSRs in Bulebel, specifically built and equipped for the needs of the learners attending the programmes in this location, guided by their professional therapists. Fundacion MAPFRE has agreed to support our Foundation by funding these new and extremely beneficial facilities for our Bulebel premises. At the moment, we are in the process of undertaking the necessary preparatory work to set up the rooms and sourcing all the resources needed for these facilities, and we aim to conclude works towards Q4 of 2022.  

We are confident that this investment will provide a significant level of improvement to the quality of our services to clients of our STEP IEI, STEP Forward and LinC learners, supported by a diverse team of specialized therapists, trained in the latest techniques necessary to provide much needed therapeutic intervention.  

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