STEP Intensive Early Intervention

The Structured Training and Education Programme (STEP) is a specialised programme for children with difficulties on the autism spectrum. At STEP, highly individualised, specialised programmes are delivered that are built on evidence-based practice, and strive to support not only the child but also the family and school. This is done through the programme’s open door policy that encourages parents and school personnel to come to STEP and see exactly what, why and how it is possible to make an impact on the lives of their children.

STEP has been accredited with the UK National Autism Society’s Autism Accreditation Programme since 2002 and was the first service outside of the UK to have achieved this status of excellence. The delivery of such top quality and a dynamic programme has been made possible as a result of the efforts made by a team of highly dedicated, caring and professional staff and the support and encouragement received from the senior management team.

The STEP programme is offered through a multi-disciplinary team made up of tutors who are supported by the speech and language pathologists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists and psychologists. Parents are considered to be key members of the team and work alongside the tutors and the other professionals. Their commitment and cooperation are considered to play a major part in the child’s progress. Parents are an integral part of their child’s assessment and teaching, constantly providing information about their child’s needs, behaviour, interests and dislikes, and also voicing their own concerns and priorities for their child. Ultimately, STEP supports Inspire’s commitment to inclusion for all, while providing support for those pupils for whom inclusion is not a straightforwardly achievable objective.