An Erasmus+ Key Action (Cooperation among organisations and institutions) 2 Funded Project

Inspire Foundation has partnered with 5 other similar associations to bring an exciting opportunity to our employees within the disability programmes to connect with other entities operating in the same field. It also provides a chance to learn from others while sharing our best practices.

Kristina Briffa, one of the Team Leaders of our LinC Programme, and Anyela Gomez, one of the Team Leaders our STEP Programme,  will be participating in a week long training and partnership building event in Spain, hosted by the coordinating partner, Alba Association in Tàrrega. All travel, accommodation and subsistence will be covered by Erasmus+ KA2 project funds.


The objectives of this project are:

  • to create a connection and explore partnerships between partner organisations which all operate as community-based organisations.
  • to promote the professional development of our employees in setting up community-based cooperation.
  • To enable our employees to explore ways and methodologies on how to empower young people with a disability to satisfy their own needs.


The project will therefore enable us to:

  • Attain new/reinforced links between partner organisations and community-based organisations.
  • Develop new skills to promote citizenship competences among young people with special needs.
  • Explore new skills to support people with a disability in becoming engaged, connected and empowered young people.


Not only will our representatives attend all sessions, but they will also lead a training session; whilst engaging in effective partnership building with other participants, which will surely help


Coordinating partner:

Alba Association


Project Partners:

Viduskurzeme primary school-development centre

Noorderpoort Foundation

Consorzio Solidarietà Sociale Forlì-Cesena

National University of Physical Education and Sports