Following yet another out-of-the-box challenge, the pair behind Kayak for Charity Dorian Vassallo and Albert Gambina, managed to raise the wonderful sum of €5,160 in aid of Inspire Foundation.

After the success of last year’s paddling journey of more than 1000 kilometres starting from Malta to Sicily, and then journeying all around the island of Sicily, this year, the pair decided to take on a new kayaking challenge to continue raising funds for Inspire Foundation. In August, Dorian and Albert became the first persons to paddle an OC1 around Malta.

Used in competitive sport, Albert and Dorian are the only people to own the OC1 canoes in Malta, and through this initiative, this was the first time that an OC1 paddled around Malta. One of the most obvious challenges was that the stroke and seating are quite different from that of a kayak, and Albert and Dorian had to withstand severe back pain to complete the route, unassisted.

The duo managed to paddle the 42 nautical miles journey, meaning 75km in a total of 17 hours. Whilst Albert Gambina completed the route, Dorian J Vassallo was forced to cut the challenge short by a few hours due to severe back pain that unfortunately stopped him from kayaking any further.

Antonello Gauci, CEO of Inspire, thanked both kayakers for their hard work towards raising funds for Inspire Foundation. “Dorian and Albert are truly exemplary persons that go out of their way to support their community. Inspire Foundation is beyond grateful for the pair’s outstanding commitment and support towards raising money for Inspire Foundation and what it stands for.”

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