The Tipico Malta team selected Inspire Foundation for its 2022 Corporate Social Responsibility Day. A total of 10 Tipico team members visited Inspire Foundation’s Thrift Shop and Park on the 21st October and supported with sorting through donated products to be displayed and sold through our thrift shop in Marsascala.

The group arrived in Marsascala at 9am and immediately dug into a container-load full of donated items. The tasks handled by the group were mainly that of sorting through the donations and choosing between the items that are actually sellable and those that can’t be re-sold due to the quality of the item itself. Following this process, the group supported with the cleaning of the items that are good enough for sale and preparing them to be displayed in the shop.

“We are truly grateful that Tipico selected Inspire Foundation as its charity of choice for its CSR day this year. This is not the first time Tipico supported Inspire, in fact, just recently it also supported the Foundation with two generous donations that will help us continue to provide specialised programmes and services that help to prepare persons with disability for inclusion and full participation in society. It is thanks to supporters such as these that we can continue providing our specialised services that increase in demand year after year,” said Antonello Gauci, CEO of Inspire.

Gauci concluded by saying that Inspire always welcomes volunteers whether on an individual basis or whether they’d like to support through their businesses’ CSR initiatives.

If you are interested in donating items to be sold through Inspire’s thrift shops, please ensure that these items are in a good enough condition to be re-sold and used by someone else. While every drop of support is appreciated, Inspire invests a lot of its resources in sorting through the donations and therefore it would be ideal to ensure that these resources are focused on enhancing our customer experience as opposed to sorting through items that unfortunately are no longer usable. You can check out the list of items that are accepted as donations by Inspire from here.

For more information on how you can volunteer, visit