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Kayak for Charity

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Dorian and Albert, the duo known as ‘Kayak for Charity‘, will be taking on a new challenge this year as they paddle by canoes around the island of Malta, in aid of Inspire Malta. The distance of this paddle journey is 42 Nautical miles, or approximately 75 km. The entire journey should take just over 12 hours of hard work and padding but is also very much dependent on weather conditions. The pair plan to take on this new paddle journey in August, following Santa Maria feast.

Who are Albert and Dorian?

Last year, the pair took on an outstanding paddling journey of more than 1000 kilometres starting from Malta to Sicily, and then journeying all around the island of Sicily – a journey that took almost a month. This year the duo are taking on a new challenge – the first to paddle an OC1 round Malta, all in aid of Inspire Foundation.

Dorian Vassallo

is 64 years of age and has been kayaking since the summer of 2005. He does everything wholeheartedly and there is no stopping him!

Albert Gambina

is 61 years of age and is a Master Mariner and a Marine Pilot. He is at his best when at sea. He has been a kayaker since 2006.

What is an OC1 and why is it more challenging?

The outrigger canoe or OC1 has a rich 5,000 year history. Today OC1s are used in competitive sport. Albert and Dorian are the only people to have these canoes in Malta, and through this initiative, this will be the first time that an OC1 will be paddling around Malta. Undoubtedly this poses new challenges for the duo who have been training hard on these canoes. One of the most obvious challenges is that the stroke and seating are quite different from that of a kayak, and Albert and Dorian may have to withstand severe back pain in order to complete the route. There is also very limited storage space on the vessel so any food and drink would need to be rationed throughout. In addition, they will paddle this journey unassisted.

For more information on the OC1, see this article.

Support Albert and Dorian, and help them beat their previous record!

Last year, Albert and Dorian racked up an amazing €20,000 for Inspire Foundation, and we’d love to see them beat their own record!

If you want to support Kayak for Charity through this journey you can submit a donation by clicking on one of the donation buttons on this page. If you would like to donate any amount which is not listed, you may send an email to fundraising@inspire.org.mt.

About Kayak for Charity

Kayak for Charity, previously known as Kayak for Cancer, was set up to utilise sport to help others. Albert Gambina and Dorian Vassallo became best of friends in 2008 when they undertook a challenge to raise money in aid of charity. This will be the second year that the duo take on a challenge at sea to raise funds for Inspire Foundation Malta.

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