You are never too small to make a difference, no matter what the world or social structures might imply. Each and every one of us has the opportunity to use their skills, time and resources to change something or help someone, whether what we have to offer is big or small. As we edge closer to Make a Difference Day, celebrated on Saturday 22nd of October, over at Inspire Foundation we’ve put together some ideas on how you too can make a difference.

1. Be mindful of those that provide you with a support system and safety net

It is not the first time that we find ourselves taking for granted those people that are closest to us. Making a difference doesn’t mean you need to change the world but saying thank you and showing your appreciation to someone that has been of a support to you can have a way of making a positive difference in that person’s life.

2. Go through your personal belongings and donate what you can

It is not the first time we complain we no longer have space in our storage units because we have so much stuff in them that we no longer use. Something that is no longer useful to you could make a world of a difference to someone else. Make a bit of time and go through your personal belongings, see what no longer serves you and donate it to someone in need or a Charity Shop, such as the ones run by Inspire Foundation.

3. Think about an event, initiative, or campaign that you can run to raise funds for a charity of your choice

If you want to go the extra mile, you can also inspire your family and friends to join you in making a difference by coming together for an event, initiative, or campaign where together you can raise funds for a charity of your choice. For example, you can organise a tea party or a BBQ in aid of the charity of your choice. You can also organise a fun activity at your school or at your workplace such as a ftira day, a dress down day or a bake sale, all in aid of a charity of your choice – just drop us an email on – we are more than happy to support you!

4. Join a monthly donation campaign towards a cause that speaks volumes to you

There are many ways through which you can make a difference without putting in much effort or time. We understand sometimes people are just super busy with a demanding life and they need simpler ways to make a difference. Therefore, one can search for initiatives that allow them to join a monthly donation programme that could start from something as simple as a couple of Euros that would go towards supporting people in need. A programme such as the Friends of Inspire offers plans starting from €3 a month.

5. Find an NGO that you align with and start volunteering a bit your time

NGOs and Foundations don’t just rely on donations to be able to fulfil their purpose of making a change in their society, but a lot of the times they also rely on volunteers. Giving a bit of your time without expecting anything in return has an interesting way of giving you something in return: a feeling of fulfilment and that you too can make a difference. Did you know you can also volunteer with Inspire Foundation?

6. Create something new that you think your community might need

Sometimes making a difference in the world doesn’t mean just donating money or time, but also looking at ways through which we can make our surroundings a little bit better. Take a quick look around you, whether it’s your apartment block, your street, your village…is there something you can initiate that would make the future brighter? Maybe you can plant a tree, decorate a common space or leave little anonymous notes of encouragement that might make someone’s day.

7. Visit a Charity or Thrift Shop Car Boot Sale that’s in aid of a worthy cause

Many people love strolling around markets and looking at the next cool bargain they can get their hands on, or that Car Boot Sale around the corner that helps them find all sorts of things for their home, their wardrobe, their home library or their kids. Another way for you to make a difference is to seek out such charity shops, markets or Car Boot Sales that offer proceeds towards a worthy cause, such as the one in Marsascala, that happens every Sunday and raises funds for Inspire Foundation.

8. Feeling extra generous?

Donate useful machinery to charity! Several NGOs and Foundations need monetary support to be able to purchase the relevant resources to continue rendering their service to the community they support. A lot of the time you can check out NGO websites and see whether you can support them by donating something other than money. For instance, at the moment, Inspire Foundation is looking for someone who is able to donate or sell at a cheaper price a good-sized van and a smaller vehicle.

9. Getting married or throwing a party? Use souvenir money as a donation to a charity

When getting married or hosting a party, the good majority set a budget towards purchasing souvenirs to thank their guests for joining the special occasion. A lot of the times, these souvenirs end up on vanity units, piling dust. There is one way this could be avoided! Several NGOs and Foundations offer the possibility of donating money towards their cause and receiving a bookmark that you could give to your guests as a replacement to the souvenir and a commemoration of your event. Did you know you can also do this with Inspire Foundation?

10. Or you can simply donate towards Inspire Foundation

At Inspire Foundation, our main goal is to support anyone with a disability to achieve their full potential while ensuring they too have a right to equality and inclusion. We do this by providing individuals and their families with educational, therapeutic, and leisure services. Inspire currently supports over 200 learners with various disabilities ranging from Autism to Cerebral Palsy, among others. Our support is in the form of a variety of services, therapeutic sessions, and the disability programs that we offer.

What will YOU do to make a difference?