Inspire Foundation Malta has been awarded the HR Quality Mark by The Foundation for Human Resources Development (FHRD) on Friday.

The HR Quality Mark recognises organisations who excel in their efforts in favour of effective practices in the field of Human Resources. The mark of excellence acknowledges work carried out in areas related to development & training, HR practices, talent management & industrial relations, among others.

Reacting to the award, Inspire Foundation CEO Mr Antonello Gauci expressed the Foundation’s satisfaction for the award.

“Our organisation is nothing but the individuals behind all the services and programmes we offer. Our employees are the hands that make the difference in the lives of hundreds of people and their families every day. We are grateful for their dedication, and we commit to continue working closely with them in order to improve their development and growth” Antonello Gauci said.

The FHRD HR Quality Mark stresses the importance of measuring, monitoring, tracking and understanding how well people are being managed and developed. The HR Quality Mark recognises organisations who place HR at the centre of their business through the implementation of various policies and strategies.