76d4b6c18b5c7e9f9ac3588abe16cac2Anyone who has ever been licked by a dog will tell you that there’s nothing quite like it, so The Inspire Foundation and the Service Dogs Malta Foundation have teamed up to give the public the opportunity to experience this and to capture the moment in a photograph.

On Saturday 21st May, all those visiting The Point Shopping Mall from 9:30am onwards will have the opportunity to take part in the #SmoochAPooch event and get luscious kisses and hugs from our service dogs. Visitors can also bring their own dogs and pose with them in a specially designed kissing booth. Our photographers will be there ready to capture these tender moments to cherish forever against a small donation.

This event is being held to help raise awareness about the benefits of pet therapy as well as to support hundreds of adults and children with disabilities who make use of the Inspire Foundation’s programmes and services.

Thanks to main sponsors Royal Canine and Sign It, as well as many other supporting brands, all public donations made during this event will go towards Service Dogs Malta Foundation and The Inspire Foundation.

Service Dogs Malta is a foundation that helps people gain independence through the services of a dog which is professional trained, while Inspire helps people with disabilities achieve their true potential by providing educational, therapeutic and leisure services.

For more information about Smooch a Pooch for charity find the event on Facebook.