Bubble, a JAYE Company is a new company run by 6 Giovanni Curmi Higher Secondary students. The company is currently participating in the Junior Achievement Young Enterprise Company Programme, and will be donating part of the profits made during its venture to The Inspire Foundation.

Bubble, a JAYE Company manufactures, markets and sells personalised handmade greeting cards that come with a technological twist – a recording chip that allows customers to record a personalised message by simply pressing a button.

The product, “PressnCord”, has already proven to be a huge success over the Christmas period, with all of the company’s holiday-branded greeting cards being sold out.

Bubble, a JAYE Company is currently accepting orders for Valentine’s Day, Anniversaries, Weddings and other special occasions. Cards cost €5.50 each and orders can be placed by sending a private message on Facebook to Bubble a JAYE Company or order via email on bubblejaye.company@gmail.com.

Since this is meant to be more of a learning experience rather than a way of earning profits, the Bubble team decided to donate a percentage of their earnings to The Inspire Foundation.

By purchasing a “PressnCord” card one will be donating to a cause which is at the heart of all Bubble employees.

“Inspire is very grateful that these young entrepreneurs have chosen our foundation to donate a percentage of their earnings to. We are constantly working towards more inclusion of children and adults with disabilities, both in educational environments and at the place of work. It is very encouraging when young people such as the Bubble a JAYE Company team recognise our work and show their appreciation in this way,” said Claire Galea – Fundraising Manager at Inspire.