6cqhvjzmzou-maxime-bhmAs parents play a crucial role in their child’s development, our goal at Inspire is to empower them to be able to take an active role in their child’s learning process, especially in view that the demands and challenges of raising a child with autism may at times be difficult. We strive to build partnerships between and amongst families and professionals in an effort to provide solid opportunities for parent education.

As part of the specialized programme offered at STEP Early Years, a series of parental empowerment training sessions have been organized and spread throughout the year. Our objective is to provide education, training, and support to parents with children on the autism spectrum. The most recent training sessions were in fact part of the Parent and Child Christmas Activity Days that were held during the first week of December.

The day offered opportunities for the parents to meet each other, attend a training session and finally, participate in Parent/Child activities.

This full day activity was enjoyed by the parents as was expressed through their positive feedback. The joy on the faces of the parents and children who participated was enough to gauge the success of this activity.