Malta Virtual Mall (a.k.a. MVM) have been working hard for over 2 years to create and constantly improve a platform that aims to bring local consumers and local online shops together. Throughout their entrepreneurial journey, the creators of MVM have wanted to bring about change not only in the local e-commerce scene, but also use their platform, expertise and funds to support worthy causes and spread awareness on important topics whenever and wherever possible.

It is for this reason that MVM is supporting and partnering with Inspire by offering advertising space and promotional content on their platform, free of charge. The Inspire Foundation is a critical institution in Maltese society and their aim of promoting and supporting the right to equality and inclusion for all, is something that MVM truly believes in and supports wholeheartedly.

What is MVM you may ask?

MVM is an online platform that allows consumers to view all online shops that are based and offering products within the Maltese Islands. All shops are split into different categories for ease of viewing and there is also a handy search function that enables users to search for specific items and get back results from only local online shops. They have over 700 local online shops listed and are continuing to add new shops as they become aware of them. MVM even curates a yearly Christmas Gift Guide to help consumers find what they need during the holiday season. In fact, Inspire were featured in the gift guide feature for 2022 to guide people to worthy causes and make a donation online during the festive period.

MVM was created by two best friends who saw the need for a platform to support local businesses at the beginning of the pandemic, and since inception it has continued to grow and foster great relationships, such as that with Inspire and countless local online businesses.

Marc and Malcolm, have always been passionate about creating something of worth and using it to give back to society as much as possible. They both hold worthy causes like environmental preservation, social inclusion and mental health awareness very close to their hearts. So much so, that Malcolm is on the board of trustees of a local mental health charity called Walk and Talk, and runs a separate website with the aim of supporting people affected by eating disorders in the Maltese Islands. Just like with MVM, Malcolm saw that no online platform existed that provided vital information and support to local individuals affected by eating disorders. He used his expertise in technology and web development to create Eating Disorders Support Malta (EDSM) as a local online touchpoint for eating disorders.

MVM hope to continue to grow their brand and platform, create new relationships with local organisations, and nurture existing relationships going forward. In line with their social and environmentally responsible ethos, with any entrepreneurial success they achieve, they aim to continue to support worthy causes in any capacity that they are able to.