2000px-KPMG.svgKPMG participated in Inspire Foundation Malta’s weekly Car Boot Sale and donated all the proceeds to the Foundation. The proceeds of the sale of items, donated by KPMG personnel, amounted to €425 which was added to monies collected from raffle ticket sales amounting to €240. The resulting total collection of €600 was further topped up by €400 which was a monetary prize of KPMG’s Encore Awards to its Infrastructure Team to recognise their collective stellar service offering as support staff to the Audit, Tax and Advisory Functions.

This initiative was kick-started when the Infrastructure arm of KPMG, which provides administrative support to their colleagues in the Audit, Tax and Advisory Function, were collectively awarded the Standing Ovation Encore Award. This coveted award, the highest level of recognition of a 3-tier award category, is given to teams or individual people who continuously deliver exceptionally high quality standard services, are high performers and act as models of inspiration to their fellow colleagues and in the wider interest of the firm. The Standing Ovation Encore Award recipients are presented with a memento and a €400 monetary gift.

The Infrastructure Team unanimously decided to donate the monetary gift to Inspire Foundation Malta. However, they went a step further and expressed their wish to Inspire Foundation Malta to further increase the donation by partaking in Inspire Foundation Malta’s weekly Car Booth Sale. Thereafter, a concerted effort witnessed the mobilisation of KPMG personnel who brought items to be sold during the car booth sale. Additionally, raffle tickets were sold internally and during the Car Boot Sale event to increase the final cash donation to Inspire Foundation Malta.

A cheque of €1000 was presented by Pierre Portelli, Partner at KPMG to the Antonello Gauci – CEO of the Inspire Foundation Malta.

“It is thanks to initiatives like this that The Inspire Foundation can continue to reach out to children and adults with disabilities and helping them reach their full potential. Organisations like KPMG, as well as their employees, really make a difference in people’s lives, and for this the Foundation is very grateful.”

On his part, Pierre Portelli, expressed his gratitude to the Infrastructure Team who came up with the initiative and their respective colleagues in the Audit, Tax and Advisory Functions who willingly and generously bought the raffle tickets and increased the final donation to the Inspire Foundation Malta. He commented ‘this is a proud moment for KPMG whose personnel came together to collect funds for Inspire Foundation Malta in a gesture of good-will and selfless generosity. We are aware of the financial needs of the Foundation and we are especially grateful to be in a position to make a difference for those who used its services. This goes beyond our corporate responsibility, but extends to knowledge that, in a small way, we can make a difference to people’s lives through similar initiatives which aim to help support charities which offer services to those in need.’

Donations to The Inspire Foundation can be made online via www.inspire.org.mt or by sending an SMS to 506 18 926 to make a donation of €6.99 or 506 19 215 to make a donation of €11.65.