In these past years, hundred of girls have been hitting the turf and joining Kirkop United Girls Academy where they enthusiastically learn how to work as a team and gain confidence in the football skills. This year the academy welcomed Hope Brincat, 11 years old, in the Foundation Class. Hope joined the Academy through the collaboration and the technical advice of Ms. Adelaide Silva from the Inspire Foundation. Hope is a very cheerful girl with Autism Spectrum Disorder who loves football and being around friends.

Hope started in the Academy last October where she is learning basic skills such as dribbling, passing and shooting while improving her coordination and motor skills. She is led by two coaches and a support coach for a 90 minutes training session every Saturday afternoon. The small group of the Foundation Class promotes an individual attention and makes the environment safer and more guided for Hope.

Besides cultivating her love for this sport these sessions are presenting an opportunity to develop her social relationships among teammates and learn how to recognize the social cues required for successful performance on the field.

Football is all about pursuing a passion and the beaming smile on Hope’s face while she is playing is what make us appreciated more this sport. Kirkop United Girls Academy is very lucky to have such dedicated player!