FreddieInkanta bil-Malti,
 Freddie Portelli’s collection of new material, will be released as a studio album on Saturday, May 21, during a live concert that is being held at 9pm at Inspire Fest by Nutella at the Mdina Ditch, Rabat.This will be the singer’s 20th recording.

With this album, the repertiore of music offered by Portelli will reach a striking 414 songs, spread out across a career spanning 53 years. As part of Portelli’s philantropic contributions to Maltese society, proceeds from the sale of the CDs will be in aid of Inspire Malta.

The new album presents Portelli’s audience with a vast array of themes revolving around Maltese society, while also experimenting with diverse musical genres. The first track that introduces the album is the title track Inkanta bil-Malti, a song that places Portelli’s love towards the Maltese language at the forefront.

As we head closer to summer, this season is reminiscent of Portelli’s love for Waterpolo and the typical Maltese summer, both of which are brought back to life with Tini s-Sajf and Il-Vapuri Tagħna. In B’idejk f’idejja, the lover expresses his feelings when in company of his partner. Dak il-Ħin reminds us of the seasons, with particular focus on spring, a period of time that is best described in Ir-Rebbiegħa, a song reflective of all the colours and scents that this time of the year brings with it. Wara l-Maltemp is a song about courage while the rainbow after the storm becomes a symbol of a tranquillity that reigns supreme. Wasal il-Praċett is dedicated to all young children who await eagerly the day they will recieve Holy Communion for the first time. The ninth song, Mill-Ġenna għall-Infern stands as a lesson to those who are stubborn in character.

In line with Portelli’s cherished generes in music, one finds the romantic song entitled Din Qalbi. Bla Delizzju is dedicated to the ever more alienated individuals who are so busy doing other things, that they do not seem to find time for themselves. In the track Jien u Int, the major protagonists are the two lovers who stand out as an example for those who hold friendship at heart before everything else.

F’ta’ Ruħi d-Dar is a heartbreaking song dedicated to those who have sufferred the loss of a loved one and who continue living with the memories of people they cannot be with anymore. The penultimate song, Malta Bħalek M’hawn Imkien, is dedicated to our island and to the work force that have helped strengthen Malta’s reputation throughout the years. It is a song that brings forth the idea that no matter how many times the Maltese leave the island for holidays and travels, he will eventually return to his homeland. The CD ends with Bniet u Subien’ a song that revisits a past in which boys and girls shared the same classrooms. Separated for almost 65 years, co-education is now back for good.

These are 15 songs portraying a diversity of subjects that Freddie Portelli shares with us. Best remembered for the hit single Viva Malta, Portelli’s musical contribution to the Maltese Islands will be accredited with a statue which will be unveiled in his hometown of St Paul’s Bay.

The album is produced and printed by Reciprocal Records, who are also supporting Portelli for the launch performance.

Following the launch, the CD will be available from D’Amato Record Shop in Valletta and the Inspire Malta offices. It can also be pre-ordered online from the Reciprocal Services website.