The Inspire Foundation is appealing for donations for its hydrotherapeutic pool which requires imminent works.

The 25-metre hydrotherapeutic pool is fully accessible and offers a multitude of benefits to persons with a disability, helping in pain management, strength and function while stimulating the senses.  It is used by children and adults with physical disabilities and developmental disorders that make use of Inspire’s services and programmes as well as other individuals who can benefit from it.

The pool is powered by a plant room that has been in existence for a significant number of years. This equipment has now outlived its life span and the Foundation is facing considerable costs and repeated outages in services because of malfunctioning. The plan is to replace this equipment with a whole new system that will be much more environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient. This project comes at a cost exceeding €230,000.

“The situation in the past months have presented a financial challenge for our Foundation. We continue to depend on donations to be able to mantain our premises, the running of the programmes and to move forward with projects such as this one. We are positive that the public will once again step forward to help,” CEO Antonello Gauci said.

On Sunday 6th September, a special TV Programme “Jien Suċċess” will air on TVM at 3pm.

The programme will feature interviews with parents of individuals who benefit from Inspire’s programmes and services, interviews with staff members and other footage showing the work carried out by the foundation.

The “Jien Suċċess” theme was chosen because it perfectly describes the main rationale of Inspire Foundation – that everyone should be given a chance to be reach their full potential in life. Whatever the challenges, conditions or disability, everyone has the right to become successful.

The Inspire Foundation provides theraputic, educational and leisure services to children and adults with physical disabilities and developmental disorders. It provides specialised programmes and support groups for parents. In the past months, the Foundation has been significantly impacted by the global pandemic, due to suspension of fundraising streams.

To help out, you can donate on:

By SMS on 5061 8080 – €4.66 | 5061 8926 – €6.99 | 5061 9215 – €11.65 or call on 5160 2013 – €10 | 5170 2014 – €15 | 5180 2016 – €25