As from January 2018, Inspire (The Eden and Razzett Foundation), will no longer be involved in the delivery of Numicon related services, including the delivery of training and the sale of related resources.

However, should you be interested in receiving training or on-going support related to Numicon, we would highly recommend that you contact Rosette Gatt, who has 13 years’ experience with Numicon, and who will be available to continue to offer such support outside of her role at Inspire, using the following contact details:

Rosette Gatt

Mobile: 79734163 / 79730422 / 79730927


If you are interested in purchasing resources, you can continue to do so from any distributor in Malta or directly from the UK. Product information (and UK prices) can be found on the official website of Oxford University Press –

If you have any specific product-related queries, please direct these to Tom Haydon-Davies using the following contact details.

Tom Haydon-Davies

Area manager – Europe and SE Asia

Mobile: +44 (0)7921 697628