First United donate €2,200 to Inspire

First unitedFirstUnited Insurance Brokers presented a donation of €2,200 to Inspire Foundation. The funds donated will be used towards various programmes initiated by this foundation.

“Inspire’s mission is to help every child and adult with a disability to achieve equality and inclusion in society” Mr. Antonello Gauci, Inspire’s CEO explained. “This foundation believes that this is a fundamental right and people with disabilities should get all the help possible to fulfill their potential. This can be achieved by providing educational, leisure and therapeutic services to those who need them. Thanks to Government support and extensive fundraising activities by Inspire’s fundraising team and volunteers, these services are provided at a very subsidized rate and sometimes even for free.” Mr. Gauci continued to explain that “In addition, in 2012 we established a Bursaries Committee to support and advise all clients to approach Inspire for financial assistance in relation to the programmes and services available which clients may not totally afford. In this way they can continue to benefit from such services. “

“With a donation of €2,200 FirstUnited made it possible for Inspire to help even more people who are experiencing financial difficulties.  It is thanks to initiatives like this that Inspire can keep on reaching out to more and more people who need its help and getting closer to its goal of achieving equality and inclusion for all,” concluded Mr. Gauci.

FirstUnited feel that Inspire makes a big difference in the life of many people. It is why it takes pride in its close relationship with Inspire and strongly believes in supporting Inspire’s good cause. Out of their own initiative, FirstUnited employees contribute directly towards their own charity fund, which is further supplemented by the company.

FirstUnited encourages other firms to join their initiative and continue support this great foundation!