Supporting parents, raising awareness within the public sphere and sharing knowledge has always been at the forefront for Inspire Foundation.

In May 2020, Inspire Foundation launched a new way of sharing ideas and knowledge – through online webinars that are open, for free, to the public.

The Webinars, hosted by our team of professionals, seek to advise, inform and help parents & professionals alike.

  • The first webinar, hosted by parents relations manager Charlene Borg, dealt with Emotional Awareness and Regulations. The sequel to this will be held later in June.
  • The second webinar, to be hosted by LinC Manager Kurt Castillo, will speak about the principles of learning and how these can be used as guidelines to motivate and enhance students. Learn more here
  • On 11th June, Doreen Mercieca, ASD Advisor and STEP EI Manager , will guide us on what structure means and how parents and professionals can use it for the advantage of both themselves and their children/students. *Link will be up soon*

To learn more, please follow our Facebook Page and/or  Events Page.