20170207_124221A sing-along project that helps children with learning disabilities develop their understanding and expression in order to communicate more effectively, and live more independent life-styles.

Research shows that from a very young age, children with communication and intellectual difficulties benefit from the use of a total communication programme to help them further their abilities to feel and get in touch with the world around them. Communication is vital to every aspect of their lives. It impacts on their relationships, choices they make, control over what they want to do, emotions they are going through, their self-esteem and how they express themselves. Communication is fundamental to the wellbeing and quality of life.

A Total Communication programme supports children who experience communication and spoken language difficulties or delays. It provides the learner with maximum opportunity to develop language and literacy skills in both the spoken language and gestures that accompany this. Photographs or pictures, written and spoken words together with gestures, are used to facilitate communication with others

 The Sign-along Project – is a joint project designed by The Inspire Foundation and funded by Voices.

By nature children are drawn to the beautiful world of rhymes and gestures. The book ‘Kri, Kri’s Adventures’ introduces children to a lovable character: Kri Kri. Together with the Wise Owl, Kri Kri takes the children on a journey to Nursery Rhyme Land.

Nursery Rhymes are sung by Karen Decelis an ex tutor at STEP, under the arrangement of the music by Maestro Paul Abela. Kristjana Borg, a speech and language pathologist portrays Kri Kri as she signs the words on the 25 flashcards and 5 nursery rhymes. Rosette Gatt an advisor to Inspire, wrote the stories that include words and ideas depicted in the rhymes. Claudia Chircop designed the artwork included in the books, flashcards and DVD, whilst Kathleen Camilleri, a tutor in the STEP Programme at Inspire, designed the book.

20170207_124201The font Dyslexie is used throughout on the flashcards and in the book. This new font makes reading easy and enjoyable for people with dyslexia or reading difficulties. This font is scientifically proven to improve pace of reading with fewer errors. The typeface includes regular, bold, italic, and bold-italic styles. The letters are chamfered and distorted in a way that makes reading easier for individuals with dyslexia.

The book was distributed for free to Inspire clients and a limited number are available for the general public. For more information contact rosette.gatt@inspire.org.mt


Thanks to The Voices Foundation