Photo finalThe sum of over €10,000 has been collected and donated to Inspire by Helping Hands. The money was collected in March and April during which the family magazine – Helping Hands – was sold throughout Malta and Gozo.

This was the fourth time that Helping Hands has worked together with Inspire, which provides a holistic range of services and programmes to children and adults with a disability.

“The magazine is a great way for us to explain to people out there what we do, and how we are helping disabled children and adults reach their full potential at school, work and in the community,” explained Inspire’s CEO Nathan Farrugia. “It also raises a lot of money thanks to the generous Maltese people and the hard-working Helping Hands crew and management. We are grateful for this collective effort.”


Over the years Helping Hands collected nearly 100,000 Euro for Inspire – an incredible amount that was only made possible by the generous people who bought the Helping Hands family magazine.  “The magazine includes pages full of articles about the charity being fundraised for, games, recipes, and competitions,” explains says Reuben Vella from Helping Hands.  Being transparent is very important to us, so buyers of the magazine can verify that the collected money goes to the promised charities by looking at the back page of each issue.”

The next issue which is being sold during the month of May, will be in aid of Dar Merhba Bik.