HANDSEarlier this year, Inspire completed a project entitled ‘Supporting Sustainably’ This project was developed in view of the need for Inspire to increase its staff competencies in the field of fund-raising and leadership.

The project’s entailed a number of training activities through which members of Inspire’s Fund-raising and Marketing team attended specific training courses aimed at increasing their competence in their field of work. The host institution, namely the Directory of Social Change in the UK, was identified and selected due to its excellent track record in the field. Specific learning objectives were identified and will form the basis of the evaluation which will be held by the Senior Management Team.

The intended results, namely new or enhanced fund raising techniques and approaches, will be integrated within Inspire’s own fund-raising plan and overall organisational business plan. This will result in safeguarding the sustainability of Inspire’s support programmes for people with disabilities, and in the long-term, the continued integration of this vulnerable target group within Maltese society.

The project was implemented with the finanicial support of the Erasmus + Programme.