Rotary maltaThe seventh Rotary Hands-On Day organized by Rotary Club Malta, was held on Saturday 30 May at Inspire, the foundation for inclusion in Marsascala.
Rotarians, Interactarians and friends gathered to clear, clean and tidy the outside garden area which is enjoyed by the clients of Inspire.  The volunteers cleaned the parking area, they weeded the park and cleared out an incredible amount of debris, leaving the place pristine.  The work carried out was difficult, especially given the warm weather on that day but it was with satisfaction that the volunteers stood back and appreciated the work done.
“Seeing so many volunteers from different walks of life and age, roll up their sleeves and do the so much needed work in our park, was so heart-warming, we have no words to show our utmost gratitude. On behalf of our clients and their families who use the park as a place of respite, leisure and therapy, we thank wholeheartedly Rotary Club Malta. It is voluntary gestures like these that make it possible for organisations like Inspire to keep going and helping,” said Paula Doumanov, Chief Services Officer at Inspire Foundation.
This annual initiative organised by Rotary Club Malta reinforces the service nature of the Club providing impact within the communities in which Rotarians live around the world allowing volunteers to help with their hands rather than just their wallets.