DSCF1119Ra1se – a newly-established Maltese foundation focused on promoting collaboration between local and foreign non-governmental organisations, raised almost €1000 to purchase musical instruments that will be used by children at The Inspire Foundation.

The instruments, including a coloured steep pan, boomwhackers a wave drum, tambourines and xylophones where presented to Inspire during a family event at Smart City last Sunday. Peter Paul form Tribali led an interactive jamming session with Inspire’s clients who got to play the donated instruments in front of a live audience.

The RA1SE Foundation’s motto is ‘One for Good Causes.’ It encapsulates its commitment to work either on its own or with other NGOs for charitable purposes. The collaboration with Inspire is one of the many initiatives that RA1SE has already embarked upon.

“Music can be a very therapeutic and powerful tool,” explained Paula Doumanov, Chief Services Officer at Inspire. It promotes emotional self-expression which is especially beneficial for those who are non-verbal and therefore cannot talk to express themselves. Music is also conducive to sharing. Children who play musical instruments together inadvertently communicate through music, relate to one another and learn to build relationships.

Music helps to address goals related to motor skill development as well as sensory difficulties and of course everyone appreciates how music enhances the imagination and creative thinking. It is no wonder therefore, that music and music therapy is considered one of the most powerful tools that aids inclusion in a mainstream setting – such as a classroom,” added Ms Doumanov.

“The RA1SE Foundation is very pleased to be associated with Inspire as it provides invaluable services to a great number of children and families in Malta & Gozo. Through this donation we are reinforcing the benefits of learning through play and interaction, encompassing education, therapy and an essential dose of fun,” said Julian Azzopardi, founder of RA1SE.