Antonello Gauci


Antonello Gauci joined Inspire six years ago. After 18 years in the corporate world of business and investments, Antonello decided to take up what he loved doing most, as a full time job. At the time, the merge between Razett tal-Hbiberija and The Eden Foundation was about to take place and since then Antonello has been involved in every aspect of the organization. Before being appointed CEO, Antonello’s most recent role was that of Chief Operating Officer responsible for the Foundation’s commercial arm, which includes the running of the fitness center and indoor pool, as well as the charity shops. Antonello’s role also incorporated HR, IT and operations.

In his personal capacity Antonello is involved in several business activities and the organization of various philanthropic and sportive events. He is a trustee of The Alfred Mizzi Foundation and a founding member of The Ladybird Foundation. For the past 23 years he’s also served on the Voices committee, which he has also chaired for the past eight years.