SEYF is an international network of youth NGOs for the development of projects and activities through a participatory approach. SEYF aims at producing positive change in the society through 5 different fields. These are Youth & Sport, Inclusion & Human Rights, Environment & Territory, Culture, Education and Training. For 5 days, Italian representatives of this group attended for lectures and workshops at the Inspire Learning Centre.

Incorporated in the 5 day training event programme, different areas and strategies relating to supporting inclusivity for adolescents were presented. The topics were delivered through lectures, workshops and discussions. On completion of the event, a certificate of attendance was awarded to the participants. This note of appreciation was sent to Inspire, following the training.

“On behalf of SEYF Malta and the participants, please accept our sincere appreciation for the outstanding training you organised for our participants about Inclusive Settings and Strategies for Adolescents of Different Abilities. We are grateful for the time and effort you took to organise, share your knowledge and experiences. In particular, we would like to thank the trainers who delivered excellent lectures about the subject concerned and who were very helpful throughout the duration of the course. ​ We thank you for your valuable contribution and we look forward to collaborate again together.” Marija Borg for all the Team.