Following the suspension of services from its premises due to the global pandemic, Inspire Foundation has once again opened the doors of its three premises, MarsascalaBulebel and Ghajnsielem in Gozo. 

Between March and July, the services were shifted online, ensuring continuity of care. The team of professionals at the Foundation made sure to stay connected to service-users and their parents, providing them with personalised home programmes, support and advice. Further initiatives by the Foundation includethe launch of an advice line for parents, as well as the hosting of online webinars and videos providing home tips that enabled it to further its reach by supporting many more parents and other professionals. 

Apart from the functional or academic side to the programmes, service-users can once again enjoy therapeutic services such as the hydrotherapy pool, Multi-Sensory Theatres & Therapeutic Horse Riding. 

“It is truly wonderful to see our premises bustling with activity once again and service-users benefitting from the therapeutic services offered. The past months have been challenging, but our mission to support persons with a disability remains constant and we will strive to continue helping them reach their full potential in life,” said Antonello Gauci, the Foundation’s CEO. 

A number of safety measures have been put in place to ensure that all service-users and staff members remain safe. These include temperature readings for all service-users, having a maximum number of people per area and sanitization of all resources before being used, among others. No unauthorised persons will be allowed within the premises.  

“The past months have been a roller-coaster of emotions for parents/care-givers. The exhaustion of being at home and trying to juggle different roles and responsibilities was real. Inspire Foundation did its very best to accompany and support them during this unique journey,” Parent Relations Manager, Charlene Borg said. 

The suspension of the Foundation’s income channels over the past months has inevitably put the Foundation at a financial struggle, causing some of the Foundation’s projects to be paused. If you would like to put forward a contribution, you can do so here.

Inspire Foundation provides educational, therapeutic & leisure services to children and adults with developmental and physical disabilities. The Foundation is specialised in aiding those on the autism spectrum, having profound multiple learning difficulties and those with behaviour that challenges.