On the 3rd of December, Malta, and the world at large celebrated World Disability Day. Under the patronage of Mrs. Michelle Muscat and in association with the Marigold Foundation, The Inspire Foundation commemorated this special day with an Afternoon Tea Fundraiser held at The Auberge De Castille.

“It is an honour to be celebrating this day here at Auberge De Castille, for the second year in a row,” said Inspire’s President Nathan Farrugia. “It is through events like these, and the acknowledgement and support of people like Mrs. Muscat and the Marigold Foundation, that much needed funds and awareness for the cause are raised. We need to celebrate days like today as they are opportunities to champion the abilities of people who have great potential in them. We need to raise awareness in society for greater acceptance and inclusion of persons with disability and change the way people with different abilities are supported in education, employment and social circles. At Inspire we are working hard to see this positive change.”

Earlier on the same day, the Ministry for Social Solidarity launched the National Policy of the Rights of Persons with Disability. The policy which was launched in preparation for a strategy which will be announced in the coming months, and is built around giving dignity, autonomy and more independence, to persons with disability.

Parliamentary Secretary for the rights of persons with disability, Dr. Justyne Caurana also attended Inspire’s Afternoon Tea at The Auberge De Castille. She said that “this is truly an important moment in the history of Malta, and that the launch of this policy marks an important pedestal, and an important and ambitious step towards a just society.”

GreenPak was one of the many companies that supported the event. “We consider it our responsibility to participate and support such noble causes,” said Denise Brincat, Senior Manager at GreenPak. “We also regularly organise used clothes collections from various localities in aid of Inspire and we’re proud and honoured to be part of such initiatives.”

Thanks to the many attendees, sponsors and generous donors, The Afternoon Tea raised in excess of €6,000 which will go directly towards Inspire’s disability programmes.

Today, Inspire helps over 1000 individuals with various disabilities ranging from Down Syndrome, Autism, Cerebral Palsy and others. This is done through many services and disability programmes that are offered at a highly subsidised rate or sometimes even for free.
Through dedicated staff and volunteers, Inspire provides a free or heavily subsidised range of services and activities that help beneficiaries to live a higher quality life, experience growth and a sense of achievement, and integrate into society, whatever their disability.

The organisation needs to raise more than €3 million a year to keep running smoothly but the incredible work that Inspire has achieved over the years would not have been possible were it not for the generosity of our supporters.