Inspire chosen to provide Job Coaches for The Lino Spiteri Foundation

MAPFREIn August 2015, The Lino Spiteri Foundation which was set up to support the training, job-skills and matching as well as on-the-job support of persons with a disability through a dedicated team of experts, issued a call for proposals for the provision of Job Coaching services for persons with a disability and with mental health conditions.

In September 2015, Inspire submitted a proposal for the provision of Job Coaching services to persons with a disability and after having demonstrated that it is already a key stakeholder in the current provision of services directed towards dealing with persons with disability, including the recruitment of, and training specifically related to, Job Coaching, as well as being in a position to offer Disability Awareness Training and Mentoring, Inspire’s proposal was accepted by the Lino Spiteri Foundation.

Inspire also demonstrated that it already supports the social and professional inclusion of people who have difficulty accessing the labour market through vocational training in future-oriented occupations, acting as a strategic partner for employers, families and other social actors, promoting quality of life at work through its Employability Skills Training Programme. Furthermore Inspire provides Job Coaching and follow on Support to persons accessing open employment.

Once the proposal was accepted, Inspire was contracted to provide The Lino Spiteri Foundation Job Coaches to support persons with a disability in employment.

Inspire is now in the process of recruiting, training, mentoring and supervising Job Coaches whilst The Lino Spiteri Foundation is matching them with the individuals that they will support in places of employment.