CCTV cameras donated to Inspire by The Alberta Group


Following the act of vandalism at Inspire’s Animal Park in Marsascala (Razzett tal-Hbiberija) in March, The Alberta Group have donated CCTV cameras to try to avoid a similar incident in the future. “Inspire have always tried their very best to keep the park and the animals safe, but without the right equipment, which for a charity like Inspire is hard to purchase, it’s difficult to control all situations. We therefore decided to donate all the necessary equipment as part of our vision to create an environment that is safe and secure, especially for the most vulnerable,” says Liz Barbaro Sant, Director – Alberta Group.

Moreover, the HR department at Alberta have organized the installation of the equipment as a CSR activity. Twenty six of the employees themselves voluntarily installed the system and helped out during their own free time. “In our vision as a company, we always strive to work as one team.  I must say that I am really proud of our team, because in spite of the tight schedules and personal commitments, they worked hard together to make this activity success, so that our skills as one can make a difference to those in need” Amy Mifsud, HR Manager – Alberta Group.

“With 25 years experience in safety and security solutions we trust Alberta’s expertise and are truly grateful for this much needed equipment,” explains Giovanna Mirabile Bartolo, The Park’s Manager. “We already fundraise thousands of Euro per year for the general upkeep of the park and to feed the animals, so CCTV cameras were definitely out of our budget. With this equipment however, we can now sleep more peacefully at night knowing that the park and, especially the animals, are safer than ever.”

Originally known as Ir-Razett Tal-Ħbiberija, the park covers five tumoli of land and is home to a wide array of abandoned or adopted animals ranging from goats to emus, from rabbits to owls, and from ducks to sheep.  The park provides children with disabilities as well as the general public a unique petting and feeding experience. It provides a leisure and therapeutic service to children in need.


Nathan Farrugia, Inspire’s CEO thanked The Alberta Group for their generous donation. “People from all walks of life came in hoards to help out.  We were truly touched by people’s generosity which ultimately turned a terrible act into a positive one. It is thanks to generous individuals, and businesses such as The Alberta Group, that Inspire is able to keep providing disability services to thousands of clients for free or at the highly subsidized rate.” he said.