Nathan Farrugia
Nathan Farrugia

Nathan Farrugia steps down from CEO of The Inspire Foundation.

He succeeds Lino Spiteri as President.

Antonello Gauci steps up as the new CEO.

After 14 years at the helm of Inspire (previously Ir-Razzet tal-Hbiberija and Eden Foundation) Nathan Farrugia has decided to step down from the role of Chief Executive in order to pursue other business interests. Over the years, Inspire has grown from a small team of employees and volunteers to close to 200 employees and many dedicated volunteers.

The most significant moment for the organization was the merger between the Eden Foundation and the Razzet tal-Hbiberija in 2009. Inspire is now the leading non-profit provider of health, education and leisure services to over 1000 families with disabilities and requires an annual fundraising effort of €3 million to keep its services free of charge or greatly subsidized to the beneficiary.

Whilst Nathan will no longer be involved in the day-to-day management of the organisation, he has accepted a new role as President, succeeding Lino Spiteri. Nathan is also the new chairman elect for the Malta Council of the Voluntary Sector. There is no doubt that he will continue to work hard to support the sector in these roles, as well as fundraising through his extreme challenges.

“I am very passionate about the sector and disability issues in particular,” explained Nathan. “Whilst my aim is to develop my own business interests in the field of leadership and consultancy as my ‘day job’, I will continue to assist the Inspire management team and the trustees for as long as necessary. There is still a lot to be done to ensure that people with different abilities are given their deserved standing within an inclusive society, and this must continue through Inspire’s dedicated trustees and competent management team, dedicated tutors, therapists and support team.”

The Board of Trustees explained that whilst they will miss Nathan’s leadership and passion, they thank him for his years of dedicated service. They are keen to work together with Nathan who will also be acting as an advisor on strategies and policy at board level, and are pleased to have a seamless hand over to continue Inspire’s work through the management team, headed by Antonello Gauci, who was previously chief operating officer at Inspire.

Antonello Gauci
Antonello Gauci

Antonello Gauci joined Inspire six years ago. After 18 years in the corporate world of business and investments, Antonello decided to take up what he loved doing most, as a full time job.  At the time, the merge between Razett tal-Hbiberija and The Eden Foundation was about to take place and since then Antonello has been involved in every aspect of the organization. His most recent role was that of Chief Operating Officer responsible for the Foundation’s commercial arm, which includes the running of the fitness center and indoor pool, as well as the charity shops. Antonello’s role also incorporated HR, IT and operations.

In his personal capacity Antonello is involved in several business activities and the organization of various philanthropic and sportive events.  He is a trustee of The Alfred Mizzi Foundation and a founding member of The Ladybird Foundation. For the past 23 years he’s also served on the Voices committee, which he has also chaired for the past eight years.

“In his role as COO, Antonello has proven to be a key factor in the smooth and efficient running of various departments,” explained outgoing CEO Nathan Farrugia.

“Over the years Antonello has also contributed greatly in the overall strategy and planning of the organisation’s way forward. With his strong people skills, his ability to see the bigger picture and superior analytical methods, I’m confident that Antonello can provide sustainable continuity within Inspire, and will continue to build on the strong foundation blocks that the management team and board have striven so hard for,” said Nathan Farrugia.

“It is an honour and privilege to have been asked to take over the role of CEO,” explained Antonello. “It is also a challenge that I very much look forward to as I am confident that I will find the support of all the people involved. My intentions are to keep working along the successful trail that the previous CEO, senior management and board have already driven the organization to. I will strive to continue enhancing the efficiency, quality and sustainability of our services with a pair of fresh eyes.”