What is Numicon & how can it help my child?

Inspire has been using Numicon for the past 10 years and we have witnessed students making great progress in the area of Mathematical concepts and number relations.

Some independent mainstream schools in Malta are currently using the whole class approach to teach mathematics supported by Numicon. School staff, parents and students have expressed satisfaction with the results that are being achieved.

In all education and home settings, from early childhood through to secondary school, positive attitudes and raised achievements have been noted throughout. Numicon can be implemented using the whole class approach in all schools.

However it has been found particularly beneficial to children with specific learning difficulties. It is an inclusive resource that provides access to learning to all students, whether they are taught individually or in the group setting.

Teachers value the systematic and progressive approach of the teaching method and the practical resources supplied.

Numicon helps children to:

  • Acquire a secure understanding of numbers and the number system
  • Calculate and reason mathematically instead of just doing counting
  • Develop mental imagery
  • Become more familiar with the language of mathematics.

If you are interested in purchasing Numicon resources or you need guidance on what items you may need just send an email to rosette.gatt@inspire.org.mt


Numicon helps children develop into confident problem-solvers!


Who benefits from the use of Numicon?

Numicon is used in mainstream classes but it has also been found to be supportive to children who are skills-challenged. There are key similarities between Numicon and the approaches currently being undertaken in schools and this has important implications for parents who wish their children with special educational needs to participate, as far as possible, in mathematical work, alongside their classmates in schools.

What effect does Numicon have on the National Curriculum?

Numicon does not replace, but compliments the National Curriculum. Of course Numicon is only part of the child’s experience with numbers, so from the very beginning the children need to be learning and practicing their counting alongside all Numicon activities.

What do teachers & parents who use Numicon have to say?

 “I could notice a big increase in attention during mathematical activities.”

 “The children get to correct their own work so they feel more involved as they are in control.”

 “The Teacher can actually see when the child is not understanding”

 “Very motivating”

“Children develop more confidence as they feel they are succeeding”


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If you are interested in purchasing Numicon resources or you need guidance on what items you may need just send an email to our Learning Centre manager on learningcentre@inspire.org.mt and we will get back to you as soon as possible.