Gozo Facilities

Inspire Gozo GhajnsielemInspire officially opened it’s Gozitan doors on June 1, 1997.  At the time Inspire was still known as the Eden Foundation and was still located in Xewkija.  The current premises, which consist of an old house of character set in a quaint alley in Ghajnsielem on Ramon Perellos Street, was generously donated by the late Dr. Victor Bajada and his wife.

Year on year the number of clients using Inspire’s services in Gozo has increased and today we serve more than 30 children and adults with a myriad of disabilities.  The programs that are offered in Gozo are the same ones offered in Malta, and are individualized to meet the needs of every client with their particular needs.

Services include:

·         Tutoring on premises and in the home

·         Psychological assessments/reviews

·         School visits

·         Physiotherapy

·         Speech therapy

·         Occupational Therapy

·         Life skills

·         Gym

·         IT

·         Parent Relation Services

Some new services such as movement therapy and horse therapy are currently in pilot stage, and future activities will include clay art, natural pigment art and swimming.

As is Inspire in Malta,  our branch in Gozo is also partnered with ETC in Gozo to train and our adults for work exposure and the possibility of more long-term employment.  In the past, the ETC Bridging the Gap scheme helped secure some work experience for our client with the employer Arkadia.

Fundraising and awareness throughout Gozo is also an important part of what we do in Gozo.  Several fundraising events are held throughout the year, including activities such as car washes, and the yearly Giant Christmas Cake event and Giant Figolla event.  Thanks to our generous sponsors David’s Bakery and Grech’s Bakery and Arkadia for promoting our events and allowing us the space to hold them in.

Volunteers form a large part of our success during these events and activities and we are always in need of more. Volunteers also run the bazaar located on Republic Street every Friday and Saturday.  Many items such as books, household goods, clothing, paintings and plants are sold in order to raise money for the foundation.

If interested in doing some volunteer work with us, please email Ann Camilleri ann.camilleri@inspire.org.mt or call the office 21558941

The goal of our team in Gozo is to reach out to as many children and adults with disabilities, who reside in Gozo, to educate and train them to their utmost potential and to lay down the groundwork for a happy, socially inclusive and as independent a life as possible.