Tutor (Full-Time)

General Scope and Purpose of Position

Inspire is looking for a Tutor (level 2) who will ensure the effective planning and implementation of individual/group sessions and activities according to set standards and criteria. S/he will work closely with the Programme Manager, and other professionals to ensure good practice in the service the department provides.

It is essential that good quality standards of practice are met and maintained.


General Duties:

  • The Tutor 2 is directly accountable to the programme Manager. However, communication with other staff members across the Organisation is important and therefore encouraged;
  • To work collaboratively with other Tutors in the case of organising and executing external events;
  • The Tutor 2 is a member of the interdisciplinary team. S/he must work alongside other members of staff in taking responsibility for carrying out activities as indicated in the Individualised Family Service Plan (IFSP) and/or case conference/s concerning the future goals and possibilities of clients/students;
  • Liaise with other professionals within the organization to offer a truly transdisciplinary & client centred service. This may involve consultations with speech language pathologists, occupational therapists, psychologists, and physiotherapists;
  • To attend any courses/conferences, local or abroad, that the Inspire management considers as necessary for staff development and for the provision of better specialised intervention support to the clients;
  • To develop knowledge in the field s/he is working in by attending relevant educational institutions and/or training programmes as requested. This includes, but is not limited to, attending joint sessions with therapists at Inspire or elsewhere;
  • To address parents’ concerns through appropriate methods of feedback, and to seek advice when necessary;
  • To respect confidentiality in all matters relating to the clients, their families and members of staff;
  • To carry out supervision of transport as and when required;
  • To perform any other duties which may be assigned to him/her as requested by the management in response to the exigencies of the service.



  • The Tutor 2 is responsible for working alongside other members of staff working within the Programme as well as across the organisation;
  • Where applicable, to work closely with other stakeholders, which might include LSEs, Teachers, INCO’s and others who are involved in developing/implementing action plans for clients;
  • Guiding and assisting new staff by examples of consistent good practice;
  • Maintaining professional boundaries with parents and external stakeholders;
  • Participate in the development of proposals and plans to ensure continuous improvement and development of the Programme;
  • Consistently provide and share information regarding clients’ goals;
  • Promoting good practice in the team and ensuring that any programme changes are being implemented;
  • Be an active participant in an environment that facilitates trust, open communication, creative thinking and cohesive team effort.



  • Administer assessments to clients and the development of goals;
  • To prepare a report and participate in annual reviews for allocated clients;
  • Develop ‘positive behaviour support plans’ where applicable and ensure the dissemination of these documents to all relevant stakeholders;
  • Ensure that any other forms such as student profiles, weekly and monthly planning sheets, data collection regarding clients’ performance, client attendances, etc. are completed in a timely manner;
  • Monitoring the sessions as part of the ongoing evaluation of the clients’ progress;
  • The upkeep of clients’ files;
  • Following procedures by immediately reporting any incident or injury within the programme;
  • Assisting team members / colleagues when preparing for extra-curricular activities and follow recommendations to limit any possible risks;
  • Follow the roster pertaining to the tidying up of the environment, where applicable;
  • Ensuring the provision of continuous and consistent feedback to parents;
  • Brainstorming with colleagues and discussing ideas for the improvement of the service and delivery of programme;
  • Attend team meetings whenever they occur;
  • To inform the Data Protection Officer (DPO) of any potential data breach.



  • To ensure a good quality service delivery; working towards and implementing best practice methods depending on the client group, including, but not limited to the TEACCH method and SPELL framework;
  • Working towards and implementing best practice methods that meet NAS Accreditation and ISO certification standards where applicable;
  • The preparation of equipment/materials/resources and the delivery of individual sessions;
  • To ensure the upkeep of the environment therefore maintaining low arousal levels;
  • To follow processes addressing personal care needs according to Inspire’s Policy in relation to Personal and Intimate Care;
  • In collaboration with the Speech Language Pathologist, to develop communication aids appropriate to the child’s mode of communication;
  • To assist where necessary other members of staff during direct intervention according to their needs;
  • To actively participate in all sessions carried out in different environments including the Multisensory Rooms, the pool, the Therapeutic Horseback Riding area amongst others;
  • To greet parents and receive any feedback regarding their child as part of the morning handing over when client receives service at Inspire;
  • To provide feedback to parents after the delivery of session/intervention informing them of their child’s performance and passing on any resources/recommendations to ensure continuity of care across all settings;
  • To support school personnel in terms of empowering them through a process of mentoring to be able to ensure that there is a helpful and optimal environment that is autism-friendly and reduces barriers to inclusion. Support is also provided by creating an appropriate mode of communication, a consistent system of expectations and reinforcement to shape behaviour and independent functioning where applicable;
  • To attend school visits and maintain documentation regarding school visits, IEPs and MAPS sessions where and as needed;
  • Keep updated about the curriculum being followed at school and make this accessible to the clients.


Qualifications Requirements:

  • Possess an MQF Level 6 Degree in Psychology or Social Science or Education;
  • Or MQF Level 6 Qualification in a related field that provides educational, therapeutic and social requirements knowledge of persons with disabilities.


To apply for the position please email a cover letter and detailed CV addressed to the HR Manager at vacancies@inspire.org.mt. Applications will be treated with the strictest confidence.