Programme Manager (Full-Time)

General Scope and Purpose of Position

Inspire is looking for a Programme Manager to join our Disability Programmes Unit on a full-time indefinite contract. The chosen candidate will be overseeing and managing one of Inspire’s Disability Programmes for learners exhibiting a variety of difficulties including autism, challenging behaviour and intellectual disability amongst others.

The Programme Manager will be directly responsible to ensure the total quality management of the programme while ensuring that programme targets are achieved by both the learners and the multidisciplinary team in line with any service agreement in place. The Programme Manager will also be required to ensure that the programme is of high-quality standards, maintaining or achieving necessary accreditations and certifications. The Programme Manager must have solid planning and decision-making skills and be able to contribute to the assessment of professional and ethical issues. The appointed manager should also be analytical, be able to review and reflect on own practice, carry quality performance reviews for own team members and apply necessary health, safety and risk management policies.

The provision of a high-quality service, effectiveness and efficiency, contribution to on-going development and improvement of service provision and ensuring the availability of employee resources required to deliver the services and achieve targets are key elements of this role. The Programme Manager needs to act as a point of reference for the team, the learners and parents along with other professionals external to the programme team. The person will also need to be flexible in approach and able to travel to meet the requirements of the post.

General Duties:

  • Ensure the Total Quality Management (TQM) of the programme under remit;
  • Ensure that, certification, licencing standards, as well as any future accreditation standards are consistently met and maintained;
  • Provide guidance through the mentoring of, knowledge sharing and consultation with human resources within the programme, as well as measuring their performance;
  • To motivate team members to take ownership and be accountable for the quality of their work;
  • Provide support through educational talks and workshops for employees;
  • Observe students and/ or tutors in sessions as required and appropriate;
  • Ensuring that Individual Transition Programmes (ITP) are implemented before transition from mainstream school and vice versa;
  • Liaising with, guiding and collaborating with parents/guardians of children attending the programme;
  • Participation in EU projects and other projects in accordance with exigencies of the organisation and as agreed with the Senior Management Team;
  • To actively engage in audit projects relevant to disability programme and services and disseminating findings accordingly;
  • To ensure that the programme/service being delivered are evidence based and that our practices are reflective of such standards;
  • Recruitment of employees within the programme and to ensure appropriateness and quality of those onboarded;
  • Be the point of contact for all stakeholders in relation to programme;
  • Networking and awareness raising of the programme;
  • Development and running of training programmes for parents, employees, professionals and any other stakeholder in relation to the developmental needs of the children attending the programme;
  • Development and running of activities and events related to raising public awareness of the programme;
  • To enhance public awareness and the perception of the programme at Inspire through writing and publication of articles, TV and radio appearances, visits and talks to relevant stakeholders, etc;
  • Ability to work flexibly in order to monitor the quality of the programme;
  • Development and Production of KPIs in relation to above.


  • To establish robust communication networks with all stakeholders;
  • To demonstrate skills in communicating complex sensitive and contentious information as appropriate;
  • To promote awareness of the role of Inspire locally and internationally;
  • To maintain professional and adequate reporting systems in both verbal and written documentation.


  • To ensure that up to date written and electronic records on a daily basis, as well as activity data are maintained in accordance with Inspire standards;
  • In collaboration with other professionals, to provide specialist reports relevant to the practice setting as required, including, but not limited to, end of term reports and monthly statistical reports, business plans, as well as any reports required in relation to possible service agreements and contracts.

Professional Ethics:

  • To comply with the Foundation’s Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct, as well as local policies;
  • To respect the individuality, values, cultural and religious diversity of clients and contribute to the provision of a service sensitive to these needs;
  • To demonstrate the ability to reflect on ethical issues and to provide guidance to junior team members as necessary.

Leadership, Supervision and Appraisal:

  • To work in line with lnspire’s guidelines, review and reflect on own practice and performance through effective use of professional and operational supervision and appraisal;
  • To provide effective quality management, supervision and appraisal for own team members;
  • To decide priorities for own work area, balancing other related and professional demands & ensuring that these remain in accordance with those of the service area as a whole;
  • To be involved in the collection of appropriate data and statistics as required by any potential service agreements and Inspire’s strategic plans.
  • To take responsibility for personal adherence to Health & Safety guidelines and maintain safe working environments and working practices.

Professional Development:

  • To demonstrate a high level of on-going continuous professional development (CPD) through participation in internal and external development opportunities, recording learning outcomes in a portfolio;
  • To exercise good personal time management, punctuality and consistent reliable attendance.

Other Duties:

  • To undertake any other duties which may be allocated by their line manager within the general scope of the post and appropriate to the position;
  • To maintain existing skills and develop/receive training in new skills as required to carry out the work of Inspire;
  • It is the responsibility of all Inspire employees to ensure that all duties are carried out in accordance with ‘best practice’ risk management;
  • All employees are expected to observe Inspires’ Equal Opportunities Policy in their behaviour towards clients, the public and colleagues;
  • To inform their line manager of any safety issues that could affect them or others in the work place and to co-operate with management at all times in achieving safer work processes and work places, particularly where it impacts on others;
  • To inform the Data Protection Officer (DPO) of any potential data breach.


Candidates must be:

  • in possession of a recognised qualification (Diploma) at MQF Level 5 in facilitating inclusive education or a related area in the field of education for students with a disability AND 5 years of experience in an educational setting.


  • in possession of a recognised qualification (Degree) at MQF Level 6 in Inclusive Education or comparable qualification AND 4 years of experience in an educational setting


  • in procession of a recognised Post-Graduate qualification at Diploma or Degree level at MQF Level 7 in Inclusive Education or comparable qualification; AND have not less than 3 years’ experience in an educational setting.

Candidates should also have experience working in a multidisciplinary team, managing a team and supervising junior employees.


Other desirable skillsets or experiences that will be deemed as an asset are:

  • Training in leadership / management
  • Experience of audit procedures
  • Presentation and training skills
  • A clean driving licence and access to a car

To apply for the position please email a cover letter and detailed CV addressed to the Chief Services Officer at vacancies@inspire.org.mt by no later than 31st January 2020. Applications will be treated with the strictest confidence.