Gym Instructor & Pool Attendant (Part-Time)

General Scope and Purpose of Position

To advise customers on the safe use of exercise equipment and to recommend safe and effective personal programmes.  The role also entails to motivate customers to achieve their goals, therefore the delivery of excellent customer service is a must for the mentioned role. The position also requires the person to be responsible for the general control of the swimming pool area, to ensure the safety of all pool users in line with relevant pool-related health and safety rules and regulations.

Gym Instructor Duties:

  • Inducting customers to ensure safe and appropriate use of equipment;
  • Carrying out fitness assessments and prescribing health and fitness programmes;
  • Promoting and participating in initiatives to improve membership sales;
  • Actively promoting and selling products and services;
  • Delivering the highest standard of customer service;
  • Achieving performance targets;
  • Ensuring security of the Organization’s property;
  • Taking possession of security keys to open and close the leisure centre as required;
  • Ensuring a safe and secure environment for clients, employees, contractors and visitors;
  • Undertaking other tasks that may be required from time to time to ensure the efficient operation of the facility;
  • Demonstrating and promoting commitment to the organization’s values and objectives;
  • To regularly attend staff training when requested by organisation.

Security of Premises:

  • To carry out regular patrols of the fitness centre premises and the immediate surrounding areas;
  • To take appropriate action to deal with inappropriate behaviour reporting such instances to your direct superior or higher-grade superior without delay.

Pool Attendant Duties:

  • General observation of bathers and users to prevent any dangerous or unacceptable behaviour;
  • To control the behaviour of pool users and see that the pool rules are being adhered to;
  • Never leave the poolside unattended at any time and arrange for a replacement if the need to leave the poolside arises. In such cases, receptionists on duty need to be informed of such replacements;
  • To respond quickly and efficiently to any problems arising and, when necessary respond to emergencies and take appropriate lifesaving action;
  • To ensure customers receive a friendly and effective service at all times;
  • To control the use of the wet-rooms and prioritise the needs of its users, giving top priority to those users who require such facilities for changing/ toileting;
  • Security of premises;
  • To carry out regular patrols of the pool premises and the immediate surrounding areas;
  • To take appropriate action to deal with inappropriate behaviour reporting such instances to your direct superior or higher-grade superior without delay;
  • To follow and carry out the tasks as per Standard Operating Procedures available;
  • To follow and carry out other instructions given by the in-line manager which have not been mentioned above, but are necessary for the general operation of the pool area;
  • To fill in/sign all necessary documents/ documentations/ readings as instructed and
  • necessary for a smooth operational running of the pool area;
  • To regularly attend employee training and meetings when requested by the organisation;
  • To wear the uniform provided at all times, solely whilst on duty.

Cleaning and Maintenance:

  • To carry out cleaning duties throughout the premises as directed by your in-line manager;
  • To take the necessary pool water parameters, log them down in the Record sheets and regulate any shortcomings by adding appropriate chemicals in the right dosing.


  • To assist with any routine administration work as requested.

Other Requirements:

  • Provided uniform/s are only to be worn on duty and not at any other time;
  • Always be smart and courteous and attentive to client’s needs.

Qualifications and Experience Required:

  • Flexible hours (available to start shifts at 5.30am or finish at 10.00pm);
  • Valid Driving Licence;
  • Experience in similar positions is a must;
  • Fluent communication in English;
  • Valid and accredited certification related to pool safety and lifeguarding;
  • A valid first aid course certification is a must.

To apply for the position please email a cover letter and detailed CV addressed to the HR Manager at vacancies@inspire.org.mt

Applications will be treated with the strictest confidence.