Meet Noel Cacciatolo  

Noel lost his leg some years ago and has been confined to a wheelchair ever since. 

But thanks to his determination, intense physiotherapy and his will to live a full life, he’s not only been able to walk again, but also takes part in The Malta Half Marathon and other extraordinary activities such as scuba diving.

Noel, trains at Inspire's Fitness Centre and the foundation sponsors his membership as it does with many other people with various disabilities.  

After his successful half marathon in 2017 , in 2018, Noel will once again be attempting this challenging feat with the aim of raising funds for Inspire.

The Malta Full Marathon, Half Marathon

and Walkathon

in aid of

An amputee and a real life hero

Watch Noel warming up for the 2017 Half Marathon

How does joining Team Noel 

for Inspire help  ?

When applying to take part in The Vodafone Malta Marathon 2018 – Full, Half or Walkathon, on the Malta Marathon website  you will get the opportunity to JOIN TEAM NOEL by choosing this team from the drop down box.  

You will also get the opportunity to make a donation to Inspire and you will also receive a sponsorship sheet to help you fundraise more as you prepare for the race.

You can choose to donate whatever amount you can afford, but one thing is for sure – every cent you donate will make your miles count more. Every cent you donate to The Inspire Foundation will go towards helping more children, adults and families who are struggling with some kind of disability - people who like Noel, find support and help from Inspire, to achieve their full potential.

What if I don't run or walk ?

Can I still help?

The simple answer is YES OF COURSE!

Runners and walkers can only do so much. Supporters are the backbone of their success.  If you can't join them by walking or running, you can support them by making a donation in their name. Inspire offers children and adults with disabilities various services to make their life easier. This would not be possible without generous donations from the public.

So what does Inspire do exactly?

And why should you help ?

Inspire believes that everyone has a right to equality and inclusion. Our mission is to try to help everyone with a disability achieve this. We do this by providing individuals and their families with educational, therapeutic and leisure services. We also advocate for inclusion, educate the general public, raise awareness among peers, and hold the best knowledge base on disability on the island.

Today, Inspire helps over 1000 individuals with various disabilities ranging from Down Syndrome, Autism, Cerebral Palsy and others. We do this through many services and disability programmes that are offered at a highly subsidised rate or sometimes even for free.

Watch Noel as he explains how he remains positive and why he will be taking on the Malta Marathon challenge to raise funds for Inspire.

Noel's Message

Previous years.

Inspire has been The Malta Marathon's Official Charity for the past 6 years. Every year about €10,000 are collected from runners, walkers and their supporters.  Thanks to this every year we get to reach out to more and more people who need our help and, as these photos show, every year, it's more fun and more satisfying that the year before.  THANK YOU

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