The parent’s committee and Roswita Gatt (Manager of STAR 25) organized a relaxing morning for the mothers of children and young people who attend the STAR 25 programme at Inspire, Malta. The event was a day by the pool at Genvic Farmhouse in Birzebbugia while the children were attending their usual activities in Star 25.

It was a cloudy summer day during which our mothers got to spend some quality time together. On arrival we were treated to a cup of coffee & tea together with some tasty biscuits.

While our kids were never far from our thoughts and conversations, it was nice to have some time to just swim and chat amongst ourselves.

Karen Borg

Although it started to rain for a while, nothing could dampen our spirits. Parents all spoke about how happy they are that their children are attending and enjoying the STAR 25 programme. Everyone is always content when they arrive home. It was the consensus among mothers that STAR 25 is the best place for their children to be, and were so grateful for the hard work that the team puts in, and the peace of mind they give us.

Everyone enjoyed every minute of the time spent together. It was a shame that only a few mothers were present, but this won’t discourage us from organizing more get togethers! We’ve all got to spread the word that events like these are very beneficial to parents. You’re able to get away away from the daily routine and problems that life offers, at least for a moment, and just enjoy yourself.

Written by Karen Borg (mother of a client attending the programme)