Independent Living Skills

Inspire’s adult training programme aims at attaining self realisation through the fulfillment of each individual’s aspirations and capabilities through the provision of individualised service to clients with intellectual disability who are over 16 years of age.

Targeting self care skills and promoting the physical and emotional well being of the client it also focuses on developing healthy relationships with significant others in the person’s life. Through adequate assessments and monitoring of achievements, the programme helps identify the client’s strengths and potential and works towards developing these further.

Through community involvement and independent living skills training the programme aims at providing persons with disabilities opportunities for integration into the community and better quality of life through age appropriate physiological, social, recreational, domestic and self care activites.

Inspire adult clients at our indpendent living activity flat

Independent Living Skills

Employability Skills Training

Employability skills training supports the social and professional inclusion of people who have difficulty accessing the labour market by providing the necessary vocational training.

Inspire also acts as a strategic partner for employers, families and other social actors promoting quality of life at work. Clients start their training by following general courses aimed at enhancing their skills and increasing their effectiveness at career exploration whilst assisting them in making realistic vocational choices.

In addition to this Inspire clients are offered the opportunity to further their training in a Vocational Training Centre area of their choice. Different organisations send work tasks to be done by clients at the Training Centre as part of their training or offer trainees the opportunity to conduct work at their company.

Support is a key element in the Employment Training Services offered by Inspire not only to clients but also organisations who have given our clients the opportunity to access the labour market.

Job Coaching

Job Coaching; one to one job training and follow-on support, which consists of periodical visits to the employee on their respective jobs.

Supported Employment and Social Enterprise

The Inspire Foundation currently follows numerous people placed in open employment. Within sheltered employment, a group of clients together with the on-going support of their Trainer perform work within different organisations. This offers the possibility of support being on-site.