Father and Child Group

A bi-monthly group for young children and their fathers, which will help the fathers learn skills that will allow them to support their child through his/her development


The groups, of eight participating fathers & child pairs, will be set up according to the age of the children.

The sessions will be run by two tutors who will guide fathers in helping their children and who will ensure a supportive and positive environment.

The supportive group environment will help fathers socialise and network, and develop meaningful relationships with others.


Fathers will gain skills which they can use with their children to support the child’s development and physical, social and emotional growth.

Appropriate activities will enhance the children’s motor skills, such as gross and fine motor skills.

Improve the children’s social skills, through adequate interaction with peers and activities that develop eye contact with others, turn-taking, sharing, and so on.

Appropriate activities will encourage the development of the child’s cognitive and communication skills.

Fathers will be able to socialise with other parents and form long-lasting meaningful and supportive relationships.

Fathers will be educated on how to best meet the needs of their child, through group activities, targeted educational sessions and lectures.


Children from birth up to five years old with a disability and their fathers.

Programme Details

Cost: €10/session or €80/bundle

Location: Inspire Learning Centre, Bulebel, Żejtun

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