EPIC Skills Programme

A one-year long programme that supports children to develop personal, social and communication skills. The programme will focus on developing complementary skills that increase the ability of the child to function in a social environment, such as the classroom, scouts, and so on.


An assessment will establish the potential and needs of each child and a program with personalised goals and targets will be set.

Weekly group sessions (with a maximum of 4 children each) will support the holistic development of the child.

Group sessions address difficulties through multi-sensory and specialized activities which are adapted to the individual’s way of learning.


Essential social skills, such as sharing, turn-taking and teamwork

Develop cognitive skills, such as improved attention span, seating tolerance and comprehension

Improve one’s ability to follow rules and respect personal boundaries

How to support one another and participate in group activities, to reduce social isolation and improve inter-personal interactions

Skills that are useful at school, such as improved literacy and numeracy

Support physical development and motor skills through interactive, creative and fun activities.


Children, age 5 upwards, with intellectual or learning difficulties, who would like to improve their ability to socialise and communicate with their peers.

Programme Details

Cost: €175/bundle or €700/programme

Location: Inspire Learning Centre, Bulebel, Żejtun

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