Adults Day Programme

Inspire provides day services to individuals with disabilities over the age of 16, actively engaging participants in a variety of activities, aiming at enhancing/maintaining their overall abilities and quality of life, depending on the needs of the individual.

The programme is based on the following objectives

  • Provide the necessary support to clients to become a part of an existing group in the community
  •  Encourage self-advocacy by engaging clients in daily activities which reflect their choices and rights.
  • Identify any changes, which could potentially contribute to unrecognised and untreated health matters.
  • Collaborate with other professionals working within the field towards holistic development of each individual. The programme is individually designed to improve or maintain the ability of the client to live as independently as possible, within their capacity, as well as ensure that clients are living a good quality of life by exposing them to various experiences that they enjoy and cherish.

    Activities include:
    Expressive and Creative Arts
    Musical Expression
    Exercise and Movement
    Multisensory Workshops
    Community Inclusion and Outdoor Activities
    Personal Development
    Cooking and Household Management Skills and other Life skills