One-to-One Tutoring

The Tutoring service at Inspire aims to support individuals with their educational development through the provision of materials and other resources that will help the child’s learning, teaching and participation.  


1.5 hours weekly including 15 minutes feedback.

Sessions will generally be held on a 1:1 basis, however, where deemed appropriate to the needs of the child & their development goals, sessions may be done in pairs or small groups at times – especially when addressing social communication & interaction skills. 

43 sessions will be provided & held outside of school hours. 


Clients will:  

  • Develop their cognitive skills: 
    • Attention span 
    • Sitting tolerance 
    • Follow commands 
    • Memory 
    • Comprehension 
  • Acquire appropriate behaviours & then generalize the behaviours through the use of visual systems and/or other means according to the individual needs of the child.
  • To be skilled in emotional regulation.
  • Through group intervention: improve socialization, communication, reduce isolation, boredom, loneliness & bring about positive changes in behaviour  
    • Practise taking turns and waiting  
    • Participate in group activities  
    • Play with others and are involved in different types of games  

Participate in activities that involve helping each other.

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