My Self – My Body

MY SELF – MY BODY is a project implemented by the Inspire Foundation and co-funded by the Malta Community Chest Fund for Voluntary Organisations. It involves sex education to people with intellectual disabilities as well as support to their parents/guardians in order to address such a sensitive topic and ensure a holistic approach towards a fulfilled life.

mccfA common misconception is that people with an intellectual disability do not need education related to their sexuality because they will always remain ‘child-like’ and therefore non-sexual. Education about sexuality is an important aspect at any stage in ones life. People with an intellectual disability have the same range of thoughts, attitudes, feelings, desires and fantasies as people without disabilities. Yet, they often have fewer opportunities to engage in age-appropriate behaviours than others of the same age. It is important that all young people are educated and given the chance to explore, enjoy and express their sexuality in positive, healthy and safe ways.

The Programme will be delivered during the afternoon between the months of October 2018 and February 2019.
Attendance is FREE.

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