Rosette Gatt

My name is Rosette Gatt and I am a mother of 4 children and a grandmother of 2 beautiful children. The biggest love of my life is my family and their presence, love and support is what keeps me going. My initial training was that in nursing and I think that the caring profession was always a big part of my lifestyle whether I was looking after sick people, children in schools or at the Foundation. I am also a very creative person and I love sewing and reading. Travelling is also something that both my husband and I love doing especially now that the children are grown up.

I have been working within the disability sector for the past 20 years. I started off by managing my own pre-school centre but eventually found out that being an early intervention educator with the Eden Foundation gave me more satisfaction. Since then I have seen the merge of the Eden Foundation and the Park of Friendship. This merge created the biggest organisation that can be accessed by individuals with any type of difficulty whether intellectual, communicative, physical or anything else that is impairing their development or life-styles.

Throughout the years I have continued to develop in this sector and now hold the post of Manager of the Intellectual Disabilities Programme at Inspire. With the sterling help of my team we  work at assisting in the planning and implementation of an educational programme for students with specific and non-specific learning difficulties.