Nathan Farrugia


Nathan Farrugia is a physiotherapist by profession and an MBA graduate from Strathclyde. Before serving as CEO of Inspire since 2009, he was the CEO of the Razzett tal-Hbiberija and the driver behind the merger with the Eden Foundation to create Inspire. Together with the team of trustees, Nathan steered the organisation through the dedicated and capable senior managers that, in turn, empower the rest of the team and volunteers to work with clients, support and raise funds with the common vision to see all people with disabilities included in society. In September 2014 he was appointed President of the Board.Nathan is a husband to Deirdre and father to Robyn and Keira. He is an avid endurance athlete and regularly volunteers to raise funds for Inspire and other worthy causes through extreme challenges. He chairs the Malta Voluntary Organisations Council, and is a director on other charities and business boards.